We are Code Triad LLC.

Making better business solutions for smarter business workflows.

Who we are.

Code Triad is a group of like-minded coders with one goal in mind; to make your business work faster, smarter, and safer through the creative use of technology.


Chief Executive Officer


Creative Director




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Our designers start out with your ideas in mind and beautifully craft them into the front-end or back-end app or web app of your dreams.


Our expert coders are fluent in many of today's most popular programming languages and can custom code an app, a website, or a custom framework.


Knowing how to use the tools we make or provide for you to use is of vital importance, that's why we stop only when we know you understand them.


Perhaps the most important part of our job... security. Whether its securing a website, or an Intranet, we've got you covered.

How we work.

1 Analyze the problem, concern, or idea and fully realize what needs to be done. Communication with our clients and students plays a key part of our great customer service experience.

2 Get the project done in a timely and agreed upon timeframe. Getting the job done is important, but getting it done on time and under budget is also just as vital.

3 Expectations check... is our client completely satisfied? Because we're not finished if they are not.